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Adventure Production Pictures combines the talent and passion of its members together
to create a truly unique experience for a variety of viewers and users. We focus on a multi-media and multi-discipline approach to advancing causes of a socially responsible nature. Our goals are to highlight subjects and stories that have not been told or do not have much of a voice on the global stage. We are committed to bringing these subjects to a large audience in a creative, entertaining, and conscientious manner.

Adventure Production Pictures was officially formed in June of 2007 in order to facilitate the business administration side of independent documentary production. The company developed out of the need to manage the organizational side of independent filmmaking including: fundraising, distribution, production, post-production and project management.

Originally founded as Quantum Video Productions in 1991, our focus was initially on industrial video production and duplication. In 1999 we made our first long-form documentary in Mongolia. After the completion of the documentary, each team member continued to sharpen their skills in their respective fields but continued to work together periodically over the next several years. In June of 2007, we reunited and changed our name to Adventure Production Pictures, LLC; now we are committed to providing structure to produce high quality documentaries and independent productions.