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Robert Koenig - President / Creative Director
Robert Koenig, is an award winning producer, director, and editor. Koenig directed the documentary “Returned: Child Soldiers of Nepal's Maoist Army”. Koenig has won numerous awards for his work on “Returned”, including the 2008 Artivist Award for Child Advocacy. Most recently, Koenig was on location in Rwanda, where he was producing the documentary film “Coexist”.

Over the past decade, Koenig has lived in Mongolia, Nepal and Rwanda where he produced and directed numerous documentaries focusing on human rights and child advocacy. Koenig’s work has aired on PBS, ABC, CBS, and NBC stations throughout the country. Before founding his own production company, Adventure Production Pictures, Koenig gained valuable experience as a producer and writer while working in the creative service departments of several major market television stations. For the past two years, Robert Koenig has been producing, editing and shooting other non-news television programs, documentaries, commercials and special projects in the Atlanta market and abroad. Robert Koenig is based out of Baltimore, MD, he is originally from Hawley, PA and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.   ...more on Robert Koenig...

Harris Bierhoff - Technical Director
As Technical Director, Harris has rapidly developed several key sites that help to promote and encourage support for APP's upcoming projects. Harris brings vast technical expertise in web development, a rich background in business consultation for a broad range of client industries, a keen eye for detail as well as a unique artistic vision all of which have shaped our online presence. Harris' inquisitive nature and his enthusiasm to support the work of Adventure Production Pictures have made him an invaluable asset. Harris is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.   ...more on Harris Bierhoff...

Scott Ippolito - Director of Photography
As director of photography, Scott will be in charge of the main camera operation throughout the course of the project on location in Nepal. Scott has an extensive background in photography, cinematography and videography; he has worked a on several feature films and has just returned from shooting a documentary in Sumatra in HD. Scott is a graduate of Emory University where he pursued his love of photography and writing.   ...more on Scott Ippolito...

Brandon Kohrt - Director of Research
Brandon Kohrt is a medical anthropologist who is completed his MD/PhD at Emory University in Atlanta, GA in 2009. Kohrt has worked in Nepal since 1996 researching and aiding victims of war. Since 2006 he has directed Transcultural Psychosocial Organization - Nepal's assistance program for former child soldiers. Kohrt is a leading international scholar in the field of child soldiers with recent research publications in Journal of the American Medical Academy (JAMA). In 2005 Kohrt was awarded the Physicians for Human Rights Navin Narayan Award for leadership in health and human rights.   ...more on Brandon Kohrt...

Gordon Ray - Director of Funding
Gordon Ray is the Senior Producer at Public Broadcasting Atlanta. Gordon brings an insider's knowledge of Public Broadcasting to the project, he serves as a story consultant and the director of funding. He's also the award winning producer of several Television shows including "Atlanta Road Trip - A Day Away", "This is Atlanta", and "Atlanta Shorts" as well as several documentaries for Public Broadcasting including "First Ladies: Political Role and Public Image with Rosalynn Carter" and more recently "Atlanta Voices: Memories of World War II". Gordon graduated with a degree in photography back in England and has also studied video production at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, CA.

Prachanda Shrestda - Associate Producer
Prachanda is the newest member Adventure Production Pictures. Prachanda is a Native Nepali Filmmaker who is serving as the Associate Producer on our current project RETURNED. His skills as a writer and translator were invaluable during the course of production. He contributed to the organization of the shooting schedule, hired support staff and acted as our cultural advisor. He is currently the Head Writer and Assistant Director for KTV?s Caf? Kantipur and served as the Chief Assistant Director on "Sanjeevani".