RETURNED: Child Soldiers of Nepal's Maoist Army (Preview)

Shangri-La to hell in ten years: How did Nepal, a peaceful landlocked country, become home to the most dramatic Maoist insurgency in modern history? RETURNED: Child Soldiers of Nepal's Maoist Army tells the personal story of Nepali boys and girls as they attempt to rebuild their lives after fighting a Maoist revolution. Through the voices of former child soldiers, the film examines why these children joined the Maoists and explores the prevention of future recruitment. For many of the children of Nepal's Maoist Army, the return home can be even more painful than the experience of war. Go to for more information.

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Coexist Documentary Film Preview (

Learn more at The African Movie Academy Award-nominated documentary film, Coexist, tells the stories of trauma survivors searching for ways to coexist with their loved ones murderers. As killing continues in Rwanda today and the government forces citizens to consider reconciliation, we examine the varied paths survivors choose when forced to face enemies and former enemies every day.

People Will Talk TV: Reality Marketing

Learn more at This program was produced by Robert Koenig and Douglas Maddox for DBM Communications and aired on WMAR / ABC 2,. People Will Talk TV is a half hour "Reality Marketing" program that highlights local businesses through documentary shorts. The program was edited by Robert Koenig.

Loyola Sellinger - Business Leader of the Year

Learn more at This video was produced by Robert Koenig and Douglas Maddox for Loyola University and the Sellinger School's Business Leader of the Year event.

AFP - Dr. Hussman, Philanthropist of the Year

Learn more at Former president Jimmy Carter appears in a DBM Communications' video production honoring John P. Hussman, Ph.D. as AFP Maryland Philanthropist of the Year; This video was produced by Robert Koenig and Douglas Maddox.

Get WindChime

Learn more at Congratulations to the team at DBM Communications for winning the 2013 Communicator Awards of Distinction (Silver) for the animated web video that Robert Koenig and Douglas B. Maddox produced for!

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School

Learn more at Established in 1972, Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, serving students in Preschool through the 12th grade, is located in the heart of Sandy Springs within the metropolitan Atlanta area on a 37 acre campus.

Global Health Narratives - Global Scope Scoop

This is the pilot episode of Global Health Narratives - Global Scope Scoop. This series is being produced as a supplement to the book "Global Health Narratives: A Reader for Youth"

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CBS46 News/Sales Demo

This is a piece that Robert Koenig produced for CBS46 in Atlanta. It demonstrates Koenig's skills as a producer, writer and editor.

Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune Promo

This Emmy AwardTM-nominated promo was produced for MyAtlTV in Atlanta. Robert Koenig is the featured actor in the spot.

Georgia Aquarium Fun Fish Fact & More

This short is an example from the Emmy AwardTM-nominated series that was produced for 11Alive/WXIA (NBC) in Atlanta. The shorts usually involve an underwater camera, close-up access to the animals and interviews with biologist who care for them. This one is about the Divers who look after the animals clean the inside of the large Ocean Voyager tank.

Operation Basketball Sports Promo

Fun sports promo which was written, produced and edited by Robert Koenig.

Little 5 Points Halloween Promo

Robert Koenig wrote, produced, edited, and designed the graphics for this promo.

Skyland Trail

For many adults with mental illness, the everyday experiences that make life gratifying and meaningful - satisfying work, independent living and successful relationships - may seem like unreachable dreams. This short documentary chronicles one mans struggle with mental illness and tracks the steps of his recovery.